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    Dear Attorneys, Title Abstract Companies and the general public,

    Effective August 1st, 2016 :

    In an on-going effort to maintain the security of our County’s vital databases and programs, the Schoharie County IT Department will be using a second, secure database with a one (1) Day viewing delay for our on-line, web-based County Clerk Search program. This only affects the on-line viewing capabilities from your home or office computers. If you come into the County Clerk’s Office and use the public computers, the information will be available to view as soon as it is recorded or filed and scanned into the system.

    Generally speaking, if a document is recorded at 9:00am on Monday, it will be viewable on Tuesday morning. If a document is recorded at 4:00pm on Monday it will be viewable on Tuesday morning as well. Please keep in mind that as with all documents, they are only viewable as quickly as our scanning staff can get them scanned. Our Office prides itself on our consistently quick turn-around time for all documents filed or recorded.

    Should you experience any issues or have concerns, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. My door is always open.

    The purpose of our Inquiry System is to help you locate document information and then, if available, to view an image of that document.

    Please note, our criminal searches are no longer available online but can be viewed at the public terminals in the county clerk office.

    The Image of the Original Document, if available, should always be checked against the Index Information contained in the Inquiry System.

    • Documents prior to 1994 were originally recorded by hand in the County Clerk's Index Books. Those books were subsequently digitized. If a document's Index Information is not found through the normal computer inquiry search, you should check the Historical Index Book Images to see if your document's indexing information can be viewed in those files. They will appear as images of the actual Index Book Pages where you would search, page by page, under the name of the party involved. Once a Book and Page number is found, you would return to the Inquiry Search and then search by "Location" using the Book and Page information you had found. Some documents, that were manually indexed prior to 1994, may still show in the Computer Inquiry System because of recent transactions or updates that were linked to the earlier entries.

    • Due to the Flooding of Hurricane Irene, which inundated the County Clerk's Office and Records Archives in August of 2011, you may find that some Document Images may appear damaged, stained, blurred, may be missing portions of information, or, that the Document Image may be missing from our Inquiry System altogether. For this we apologize. The best of efforts has been made to incorporate every possible Document Image that we could find and/or restore. Efforts continue to be ongoing to add more Images to the Search as our restoration projects proceed.

    1. The Document Inquiry System cannot be held responsible for misspelled / inconsistent name use. These can occur for many reasons, including (but not limited to) the following:

      A. Names were incorrect on the original document recorded / filed.

      B. Previous use of non-standard abbreviations.

      C. Names typed in the body of the filed / recorded document may not match the signatures. Clerk's staff attempt to index against the signature, where possible.

      D. Inconsistent name suffixes such as JR, SR, III, etc.

      E. Inconsistent use of middle initials from document to document.

      F. Name changes (i.e. through marriage, divorce, etc.)

    2. Sometimes the "Least Part" of a name entered will provide you with more choices to review for a potential "match" to the name you are searching for. If you receive a "List" of name choices to review, always look through the Entire List, right through to the end, to be sure you have seen every option for your desired result. *** If there is an Estate, or a Business Name associated with the name you are searching for, it would appear at the End of an alphabetized list.

    3. Liens that are reported as RECORDED may actually be Expired, due to their time frame.

    Please note that staff is available to provide you with technical assistance. Just ask for help!

    We're always working to make the system better. Please report any concerns / issues / recommendations to the office

    Images will be viewed as PDF Files. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your machine to view the images. Files too large to download may be seen in the County Clerk's Office.